Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Want to pin that? Could be risky.

Sad news friends. Have you heard of Pinterest? That bright, beautiful, lovely hole that you can fall into & become addicted within seconds? Yeah, that one.

Well, it turns out that it is super scary in legal terms...being almost illegal, yes, I said ILLEGAL! My good friend & fabulously talented Becca Ellison of Rebecca Ellison Photography has already blogged about this & since she did such an amazing job I am providing the link here: http://www.rebeccaellisonblog.com/

Of course if you are pinning from say, an online magazine or anything that has a huge circulation, you are probably safe. Pinning directly from a photographer's website, not so safe. Photographers make their living from their pictures & taking them without permission is a HUGE deal! How would you like it if someone took your work without asking or paying for it? I know I wouldn't. This is why Pinterest can be dangerous. If you are pinning work that hasn't been approved or you do not give credit to the photographer (granted that is not a safety net) then you could be sued. Yep, sued.

So friends, be careful what you pin & give credit where credit is due!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Return of the Absent Blogger & August Vintage Fun

Ah, it is the end of February & I have finally gotten to one (yes, one) of my New Year's resolutions...blogging! It's not like I haven't had things to do; planning gorgeous celebrations & intimate affairs can keep a girl occupied. But this is something that I "want" to do & therefore need to make a better effort (please do not judge me if I fail miserably in the first months).

To start: one of my favorite events this past summer. 

Bonnie & Chris, Eclectic Vintage Perfection

Getting ready & first photos at the iconic Sorrento Hotel

Hair & Make-up by Venia Beauty


Menswear by The Tux Shop

Bonnie's mother maid her dress from inspiration from bhldn.com

Bonnie is a graphic designer by day & not only designed all of the paper, but made it too! Yes, she meant to "put a bird on it"

Gorgeous bud vases & flowers provided by the amazing Kimberly Neff at Lilies & Lemon Drops

This lovely & delicious creation was made by the gifted Bonnie Lyons of New Renaissance Cakes

Georgetown Ballroom provided the perfect setting for this unique party

 To say that Bonnie & Chris love to dance is a huge understatement. They were lucky enough to have friends who were also awesome DJ's by night.

Exquisite Caterer: Green Apple Events & Catering

Fabulous Photographer: Lilly Warner Photography

Specialty Linens: Linens By Alice