Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chinese Traditions

From “Double Happiness” to the Tea Ceremony, Chinese wedding traditions are not only steeped in meaning but are also abundant. These days couples are selecting customs that hold the most meaning for them & incorporating them accordingly. I recently did a wedding that overflowed with these lovely traditions. Below are a few that were more popular/mandatory as well as the more unique. Enjoy!
Second Dress & The Color Red: 
A Chinese bride will typically wear three dresses on her wedding day; a white dress for the ceremony, the traditional Chinese dress for the reception & her going away dress as she departs. Long has the color red symbolized luck, love, prosperity & happiness. It is used frequently in Chinese weddings and for the traditional wedding attire.
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Chinese Tea Ceremony:
A must in any Chinese wedding. It signifies respect, honor & gratitude for the couples family & guests. The new couple serve tea to the honor attendants and in exchange, receive gold jewelry & gifts presented in red envelopes.
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Roasted Suckling Pig:
Served whole, this Chinese delicacy is a delicious tradition that honors & thanks guests for their kindness.
Double Happiness:
A vital marital symbol, Double Happiness obviously signifies happiness, but also that the couple will be united & their families will now be “together” & united as well. The Double Happiness sign is reserved only for marriage use, especially announcements, invitations & declarations.
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A New Bed:
The parents of the new couple usually provide a new bed, complete with pillows, a comforter & sheets to their children. This tradition is tied to the hope that the couple will produce an heir quickly.